Friday, May 11, 2012

Media Tie In A Guardian's Life

This is a media tie in for The Seven Deadlies.

The story of the Colts. Mostly this first journal is of Kari's Normal life. I am mostly focusing on that at the time, and will go from there. Now some disclaimers, this stuff is fiction. I am not responsible for anybody thinking it is real (and if it is real I am not responsible if you use this work of fiction as a guide to kill the creatures of the damned). Do not use the spells, potions, or 'the rites of the church' or anything else and try to blame me. I am just a writer of fiction! This will come out one day in paper back format, with pictures, sketches, but for now ENJOY!!!

Katherine Rochholz and E.A.R. Publishing can not liable for anybody trying anything within this blog, or the books. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION!!!!!

Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz All Rights reserved

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